Cédric Grolet… who, you might ask? Until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know either, yet Cédric Grolet is the Parisian patisserie King. People queue around the block for the beauty of his cakes that come in the shape of flowers and fruits.

Cédric Grolet is now in London, at The Berkeley. Floral & fruit cakes will be sold daily alongside each other in the gorgeous new space at The Berkeley Cafe in Knightsbridge, London.

Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley hotel

Who is Cédric Grolet?

With over 2M followers on instagram, you would think I’d know who is Cédric Grolet. Well, he is the world’s best patisserie chef. A title he won in 2017 and having now tasted a few of his creations, I’m in no doubt that he probably retains the title.

At 37 years old Cédric is a genius in his field. He knows how to work his patisserie, he is talented (no question) charming and so enthusiastic with his customer – that I totally understand why they return and why they queue around the block.

Cedric Grolet at the berkeley
LLW with the master himself

It is the perfect details to the perfect bases that leave their mark. I’ve watched his staff at work and it is a work of art to see them up close creating perfection.

cedric grolet at the berkeley
Exclusive to London is the British scone

Exclusive to London is the Chef’s Counter which will host globally exclusive dining experiences.

Cedric Grolet London
Cédric Grolet’s daily line up of little cakes for sale

Touches of gold, scalloped flooring and pink bar stools lift the white space, as London’s red buses drive past adding a pop of colour.

In contrast if you are sitting in the cafe you have the beauty and warmth of cosy structure chairs that honestly I would be happy never leaving!

Cedric Grolet at The Berkeley Cafe
The gorgeous new cafe space in the Berkeley Hotel

The only thing breaking the clean look are the cakes, and there are plenty of them.

Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley Cafe
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