Every weekend I read another article about whether coffee is good for us or not – either way it’s an addiction I’ve find very hard to give up. I love my morning coffee, as much as I love a cup of tea in the afternoon. I love both in equal measure. So I am always happy looking for new places to enjoy good coffee – it’s a good start to anyone’s day, isn’t it? Discovering Abuelo in Covent Garden, offered a lot more than I was expecting.

©LLW Abuelo1

The decor is divine. Australia meets South America I’m told – either way I liked it. A mix of old and new, light and dark, and beautiful paintings envelope you as you go in.  It helps that the staff are super friendly and welcoming.  We were lucky that we were first in at 9.30, to hear about this new cafe first hand.

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Abuelo may be new to London, but with 5 cafe’s under their belt in Sydney & Melbourne, the de la Vega family know how to run a good cafe. Everything is family orientated, to the making of the gorgeous communal table, to their grandmother’s chairs, made by their own Abuelo (grandfather). Just look at the beautiful kangaroo detail…

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Abuelo Food:

Everything is made in their little kitchen, with coffee on tap at the front. It feels like you are in a family home, with light pouring in from outside, the cafe is small, but not too small.

I’ll be honest and say from the menu, what stood out was the fig’s on toast. The feel of spring on the doorstep, was inspiring me to think positively.

Coffee was delicious and hot – something a lot of places get wrong. It arrives at the table warm, not here. Good, hot coffee without a long wait.

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My breakfast plate, was genuinely the tastiest breakfast I’ve had in a long time.  The sweetness of the honey, blended with the fig & mascarpone, the crunch of tasty pistachios – I was hooked. If we hadn’t been going off for the day I’d have got it again to go!

©LLW Abuelo5

I know Abuelo will do well, because it is small and they care about what they are doing.  It’s a family run business, and they are in the cafe making it all happen.

Definitely make it a stop to go to if you are heading to Covent Garden & definitely have the figs on toast! I would then say make your way to Petersham Nurseries for a little home decor, but they’ve just closed for two weeks, whilst they open up their shop to their new restaurants and cafe’s. Covent Garden is changing from old, and all for the good!

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Verdict for Abuelo:

Service 10/10
Ambience 10/10
Food 10/10 (but we did both have the same dish)
Coffee 10/10
Value for money 10/10

26 Southampton Road, Covent Garden, WC2E 7RS