I know this little cafe Said, has been around a while, but as the days get colder, I do have a weakness for hot chocolate. As I walked past recently, I found a table waiting for me, I heard SAID say “Come and sit down, indulge a little, and warm yourself up before heading back home”, so I did.

You have to love chocolate, it is pouring from the minute your eye catches the counter, alongside strawberries, cakes, delicious flavoured squares.

This Italian eatery has been making chocolate since 1923 in Rome, and now in London this unusual coffee / chocolate cafe, takes a hot chocolate to a whole new level.

Hanging on the walls are old fashioned shaped moulds, alongside huge jars of chocolate to go.

You pick your flavour, and poured around the outside of your cup is dark, milk and white chocolate… THEN your choice of chocolate goes in the middle. ┬áIt is indulgent – no question.

Do not think of calories when you walk into Said, but think of how you will burn it off, because it is worth it, but at a price. I walked all the way home, which was about 5 miles, and felt all the better for the experience!