Sushi Samba has opened in Covent Garden. This is the second Sushi Samba in London, the first sits on top of the Heron Tower. A blend of Japanese, Brazil & Peruvian food, throws flavours at you faster than the NFL.

©LLW sushi samba2

It’s a lush green jungle as you get to the top. This time you aren’t heading to the 35th floor, you are above one of London’s oldest squares. It’s a cosier vibe than the Heron Tower, that could be the snug feeling of the plants everywhere.

©LLW sushi samba

We sat in a booth for supper and for six people it’s really quite cosy, but hey we were all friends! One day I would love to sit at the chef’s bar and watch the food being made.

What we ate at Sushi Samba

Sushi of course! All the plates are sharing plates, and it is very easy to get carried away, be warned. Everything looks incredible, and honestly we wanted the lot.

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We started with the edamame (doesn’t everyone), but my favourite are always the tempura beans, which just deliver ‘le crunch’, along with the fish tacos. Just heaven.

© LLW sushi samba 3

The special Covent Garden sushi hit the spot. Six pieces, give everyone a flavour of what on the plate.

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We tucked into both chicken dishes, super delicious, there was even an urchin taker – not my thing at all, but I was told it was exquisite.

©LLW sushi samba4

All washed down with some sake, which didn’t leave me with a hangover on Monday morning, which was a relief, as I’d started with the most delicious cocktail, which is a take on an Old Fashioned. My new favourite tipple.

Book your table HERE and enjoy the new vibe that has hit the garden. It’s been a wait worth waiting for.