We’re delighted to report that London is apparently the most populated bee city in Europe. With our wonderful green spaces and our very British love of animals, insects and wildlife, they are thriving here – hence busy bees in London.

We need bees. We need them as pollinators, we need them for their honey which, not only delicious it has unique medicinal properties – plus their Royal Jelly is the best skin serum! So, read on, we’re going to guide you through the unbeeeelievable hive of activity in London!

© LLW Finding bees in London
Jam Jar florist display at Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Finding bee’s in London

The London Bee Corridor: 3 cheers to the North London Brent Council who are planning a 7-mile bee-friendly corridor. It is to be planted with wildflowers, the decline of which has contributed to the decline of the bee population.

© LLW Bees in London
Bees in Hyde Park

London Parks and green spaces: Good to know that many of our favourite London landmarks have deliberate policies to help and nurture our all important bees. Notable are the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hampstead heath, the Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden, Temple Garden, Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden on the South Bank, and of course the wonderful Kew Gardens.

Bees in London at Kew Garden
Kew Gardens Bee Hive

Kew Gardens Hive : This is a fabulous installation in the middle of a wildflower meadow that recreates life inside a beehive. It’s immersive nature incorporating 1000 LED lights inside the hive, is stunning. So impressive – a ‘must-see.’ Go to see Dale Chihuly this summer at Kew (read blog post) and buzz into the Hive whilst you’re there.

Doing your bit for bees in London

Urban Beekeeping: The London Beekeeper’s Association are hot on encouraging Londoners to encourage bees to thrive in our rather built-up and polluted city. They provide tips on the best flowers and shrubs to plant in window boxes or beds, eg lavender, verbena and borage.

Carnaby Street ‘Bees Needs’ Week. Carnaby Street is a huge champion of our pollinators. There are already over 1000 window boxes planted to attract the bees plus over 30,000 bees in hives on the street’s rooftops!

Carnaby Street Bee week
Carnaby Street Bees Needs Week 2019

This week (9-15th July) there’s a hive of activity. There will bee street-art, but also a pop-up hive at No 3 and throughout, bee-inspired jewellery, clothes, cocktails, shoes and food. A delicious prospect!

St Ermin’s Hotel’s bees. You probably won’t want to stay on the the third floor as the ‘guests’ are around 350,000 bees – albeit behind glass! Viewing is welcome, plus the hotel has a ‘Bee and Bee Hotel’ for those bees which don’t live in hives.

Finally the V&A have an introduction workshop to beekeeping in September. Click here.

Honey honey: Our Shop edit this month has a swarm of ideas for all things honey and bee-related! Bees are definitely having a moment. From Alex Monroe’s gorgeous bee pendant, to luxurious honey bath salts, to Smythson’s notebooks and many more. We’ve even found a honey-flavoured gin! Also, check out the lovely Bermondsey Street Bee company which sell the most delicious honey and related products.