The story starts with a young London tailor sending a fragrant pair of gloves to the Royal Household. This was the extraordinary beginning for the House of Creed in 1760.

© LLW Creed Fragrances

A quick history of Creed fragrance

In 1760 King George had received a scented pair of gloves by a new tailor in London. Many years later Queen Victoria appointed Creed fragrance, as an official supplier to the Royal Household.

Creed in Paris

Under the patronage of Napoleon III and his Empress Eugenie, the Creed house moved to the heart of Paris in 1854.

With a reputation for exquisite tailoring, they created bespoke limited fragrances for Royalty, the aristocracy and the social elite of Parisian and English society. Notice the logo, and the clever use of incorporating scissors!

Now in its 7th generation, over 200 fragrances have been produced by Creed, and today 47 fragrances are still available. Last month I was invited by Creed to a complimentary fragrance education.

My consultation with Creed

The aim of the consultation is to discover and understand the House behind the brand. I arrived to meet Adrian, and with my coffee I sat down and escaped London life for 90 minutes.

The beauty of this consultation is that it gives some depth to something you wear every day, and I love that. It’s an experience, not just a hurried purchase of something you have picked up, because you know you like the fragrance – I have certainly done this. This is about how you wardrobe your fragrance to your mood.

Escaping with the stories of nostalgia, everyone wore Creed. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Prince Charles to Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill. I have to say listening to the history of this brand was like stepping back in time. It was fascinating.

90 minutes later, with a little nose fatigue (yes there is such a thing) I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. I left the store in Mayfair, with my beautiful gift of perfume surrounded in a heady scent of oud. A lovely memory of a wonderful experience.

© LLW Creed Fragrances

This is a lovely Mother’s Day gift idea, which is why I’ve saved the post until now. Yes, it is a little expensive, however add up flowers, lunch, gifts and you are giving someone you love a gorgeous gift experience. It is something personal and they will remember you all for it.

This service is obviously also available for men – but in March this has to be about the girls doesn’t it ladies. xx

Details to book your consultation with Creed Fragrances are HERE One little tip I would offer is to book with Adrian, who was just the dream.