“The pressed, organically grown flowers are like crisp, ultra-thin wafers – wonderful with the rich, fudgy brownie underneath. This box of delights has made my weekend.” – Nigel Slater

Our latest Little London Whispers with… is one of a foodie nature with the Blushing Cook, a.k.a. Sammi Gascoyne. During the first lockdown, when we suddenly all had more time on our hands, the hospitality industry fell off a cliff, literally; events, weddings, parties… all cancelled. Sammi’s business did not escape. There was a silver lining though, Sammi was able to bring her Postal Treats dream to life.

Postal Treats are chocolate brownies with delicious simple ingredients, covered in dried pressed flowers. They are as delicious as they are tasty; quite simply a box of delights.

It has been a joy to talk to Sammi and discover what makes such a creative woman tick. You can read more about her brand in our Blushing Cook blog post

Little London Whispers with Blushing Cook

Shop for these utterly delicious postal brownies here.