Who knew lockdown walking could ever be a thing? Yet it is the walking in London that has got me through 2020, and I suspect it will be the thing that gets me through 2021.

Walking in Lockdown
Spring 2020 in London

During the first lockdown I had broken my leg, so there wasn’t a lot of walking to be done. I remember so clearly the excitement of my first walk that wasn’t to a hospital. Walking around the block – wow that feeling of achievement. So small, and yet so big.

Benefits of a lockdown walk

I love walking in London and yet not being able to go out was so hard. During our second lockdown, I knew what was going to keep me sane. I am an early riser on the whole, so taking advantage of the stillness London offered was pure magic. The benefits of my wellbeing was my sanity.

lockdown walking in london
Glorious sunrises

London park walking

I live in West London, so I am lucky to have on my doorstep many of the Royal Parks. Kensington Gardens with Royal Albert Hall, the Italian Gardens and Kensington Palace overlooking the round pond.

The vast openness of Hyde Park and a walk around the Serpentine always provides entertainment with open water swimmers or the open tree lined pathways. If you are lucky you may catch horses on their morning walk.

Green Park & St James’s Park

A slightly longer walk, or a drive half-way allows me to venture further to Green Park and St James’s or Regents Park. Both parks are an absolute treat, and if you love trees and formations, they both deliver in abundance.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park offers more of an interesting walk than you may think. From the glorious renovated bandstand, to the Pagoda, the playground, the Pear Tree Cafe (which I love), to the fountains and hidden tree lined paths.

Battersea Park

London streets

I walk along the embankment, with the views of Albert Bridge it is all the encouragement you need on any given morning… Each morning different, and beautiful in their own way.

As much as I love the parks, I can honestly say a long walk through the streets of London is equally rewarding. It could be the bridge lights at sunset or the calm light of sunrise that is your reward.

Better still take time to appreciate London’s historic architecture, each building telling its own story.

The coloured brickwork and the ornate details that cover the facades simply enrich it. Something we so often take for granted. It is no wonder there is a ‘chasing facades’ hashtag.

London lights in lockdown

If these two location are local to where you live, then a walk along London’s Southbank’s Winter Lights are bound to lift your mood. On the other hand if you are anywhere near Canary Wharf, you have the delights of their Connected by Light festival. Both are up until the end of February and feature in my January Super Seven.

Tate Britain’s stunning Chila Kumari Singh Burman Winter Light Installation is breathtaking and poignant for a year that has left us all full of emotion.

If you are interested in different areas of West London read the blog post on Barnes & Putney.