It’s January so let’s get moving into 2020! The easiest and, let’s face it, the most fun way of exercising is… walking. 

London walks 2020

Walking around London is the best way to see our great city. In fact, did you know that there is a TFL London Underground map showing how long it takes to walk between each tube station… often a lot quicker than changing lines!

I was given a wonderful book at Christmas by NTP Murphy called One Man’s London. A book that takes you on sixteen walks in and around London – I’ve now made this is my personal challenge for 2020. Not wanting to push you all into that, LLW have come up with a variety of walks to inspire you to get up and out, in and around London.

Walks in London

Richmond Park – our favourite Royal park! The Friends of Richmond Park will show you around…..or just go for a wander around this gorgeous landscape. 

The Royal Parks – there are many others to explore in London.  Most have regular guided tours but you can also download self-guiding walks via their app – a great idea.

Walking tours in London

Wide Eyed London – Urban bespoke tours around Central London with history thrown in.

Look Up London – one of our favourite guides, Katie, runs fabulous tours with names like ‘Feminist Jack the Ripper,’ ‘Fleet Street Secrets’ and ‘Sordid Soho.’ 

Street Art – this is a such a fun tour.  You won’t ever walk past a colourful wall again! Mainly in the East End, would highly recommend.

Hidden London – see parts of London that you wouldn’t otherwise reach.  Run by TFL London, tours include exploring subterranean London, secret passageways and lost tunnels.

Harry Potter walking tour: Visit your favourite wizard’s haunts in London.  Platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron are all on the list.  A must for all you muggles out there!