Monday night on a drizzly dreary night in London – what to do…. Do you stay in and watch netflix or do you speed across to the O2 to dance, sing and generally have a completely ridiculously joyous evening? Well, LLW were lucky enough to be offered the latter in the shape of the much heralded Mamma Mia – the Party! Emma and I went along to sample this Abba-fuelled extravaganza, as recommended by us in our recent theatre guide.

Nikos Taverna

Where is it?

The ‘party’ takes place in one of the smaller auditoriums within the O2. A light blue, bougainvillea-clad, wooden door is the entrance. Fortified by a couple of margaritas (essential) we joined the happy crowd and stepped through into a mad, busy, crazy, multi-tiered Greek taverna. Bars all around and on the stage, check table-clothed tables, a large fountain in the middle (naturally), this is an Abba-set gone mad!

The Immersive show begins

Kleftiko and cocktails

After a choice of ouzo and kir royale as our free drink, we needed some food to soak it all up. I guess we should have known what was on the menu….greek salad, dips, lamb, beef, salads, lemon cake. The veggie option looked a good bet actually – some sort of mousaka. All in all, pretty good, not overwhelming. But we were really there for…the party and the music.

Mamma Mia, The Party

This is a truly immersive Abba experience. Throughout the evening, over 3 sets, actors and singers dance, rush and blast out all the old favourites. Not entirely sure what the story was, but it didn’t really matter – this was just an Abba-fest! It’s clever and very camp and the ‘action’ takes place all over the venue so there’s always something to see. By the end the tables are pushed back, everyone is on their feet and the dancing queen action is well and truly in full swing. Star of the night was the chef..Linda John Pierre – AMAZING

LLW Verdict on Mamma Mia The Party

First, the niggles. The queue to get in needs to be sorted out. We waited for a good 45 minutes to actually get to the blue door. Best perhaps to get there nearer 7.15 rather than the recommended 6.15. We also thought, given tickets are expensive, that wine should be included.

That said, it is enormous fun. You definitely need to be in the mood and love Abba, but if you want a lively, lovely, slightly bonkers evening and smile your way home through the drizzle, then, yes, come and join the party!

On until mid-Feb 2020. Book tickets HERE

Emma and Liz danced the night away (invited) on Mon 23 Sept 2019.