We went out this morning following the Oxford crew train ahead of this weekend’s Oxford Cambridge Boat Race. This annual race is a firm fixture in the elite rowing calendar and watched worldwide. The men and women that take part are the fittest of the fit.

Oxford and Cambridge boat race 2022

We followed the crew this morning along the course from Putney to Chiswick in glorious blue skies, and a chill factor of about -5. Was it worth it – yes absolutely. We passed all the boats out on the water, getting in their early training slot. Men and women’s top boats showed an impressive stroke.

Oxford and Cambridge boat race 2022

A little extra | The Festival of Rowing

Ahead of the race on Sunday afternoon at 11.30am, ‘The Festival of Rowing 2022’ will take place with a flotilla of boats rowing the course, including the Queen’s Gloriana – her first outing in two years. The glorious vessel was made for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and every time I see it, and I have a couple of times it truly lives up to its name.

The Flotilla is made up of 20 boats of fixed seated boats in all shapes and sizes. The Flotilla will begin from Chiswick and makes its way downstream to Putney, and after a short break it returns back to Chiswick, covering the course in both directions. It certainly helps make a day out on the river thames a lot of fun. Festival of Rowing

festival of rowing 2022
Photo from Boat Race Company website

7 Fun Facts | Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Here are your 7 fun facts to get you in the mood for Sunday’s race. It’s going to be a good, if not a windy one. If you are joining a pub quiz, read on!

Fact 1

The rowing clubs’ presidents toss an 1829 gold sovereign coin (to commemorate the origins of the race) for the right to choose which side of the river they row on.

Fact 2

The first race was in 1829 when Cambridge challenged Oxford to a race in Henley. Oxford won.

Fact 3

Since 2018 The Boat Race has officially included the women’s race.

Fact 4

Cambridge have now won 85 times and Oxford 80.

Fact 5

There was one dead heat, in 1877

Fact 6

This year there are 5 Olympians in the Oxford boat, and 4 in the Cambridge boat. Including 2 British medalists in each boat.

Fact 7

Last year the boat race was held on the Great Ouse because of COVID, with no spectators, other than ducks!

If you do go out on Sunday, shout as loud as you can, that is part of the fun. But wrap up warm, when the wind gets going on the river, the chill factor is chillier than you think. On your marks, get set … GO

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Map of the course

Oxford and Cambridge boat race course map 2022