This year I was asked to take part in the Take A Moment 2022 campaign. It was a West End takeover during the month of March raising the awareness of mental health. Taking a moment for yourself with your eyes closed. The impact is right there.

Where was it… What was it…

In the heart of London’s West End in Piccadilly there was a pop-up photography gallery. It showcased the incredible work of Take A Moment photographer Ray Burminston and the portraits taken over the years for Take A Moment. Over 300 personalities have endorsed the use of Ray’s images for the campaign.

Take A Moment 2022

This year it was about London’s West End, but it was also about YOU. Anyone could go in and have their photo taken against the Take A Moment backdrop; with the #takeamoment2022 you possibly got to see your image on the big screens at Piccadilly – such a feel good factor.

Take a Moment 2022

On 6 April we headed up to Piccadilly in the rain, but the sky then cleared as people gathered to watch the Take A Moment film. It really was very special.

Piccadilly Lights Take a Moment 2022

Art of London | Gallery Hop’s in London

Before the film there was the Spring Gallery Hop with Art of London, one of the Take A Moment partners. If you haven’t ever done one of these, they are a brilliant way to see some of London’s often overlooked galleries, and it’s free.

Meet the curators, and sometimes if you are lucky, you will also meet the artists. It is a taster to introduce you to the incredible and diverse galleries the West End has to offer.

You will never do a tour and be bored, there is something for everyone and more than anything it is fun. Read about the latest Spring Gallery Hop, and then sign up for their next one.

LLW Takes a Moment 2022 with Ray

I’m never a fan of having my photo taken. My poor husband usually gets the task and about 100 images later I find one that I like. I knew I could not inflict that on Ray!

A couple of glasses of rose at lunchtime definitely helped me relax. Caught up in a London weather pattern of rain, hail, snow and then glorious sunshine, meant a quick visit to my friends at Soholistic at the Hamyard Hotel for a refresh (a side note, they have an amazing new nail salon).

Back to the pop-up, Ray was kind, relaxed, fun and focused. He understood all my insecurities and captured me in less than 10 minutes. He knew he had the shot and a few more, and honestly, I absolutely love them. This was one before I closed my eyes – can you spot my extra little eyes that have been everywhere with me over the last few months?

Taking a Moment in Piccadilly

Ray is a gentleman. On Wednesday surrounded by people saying thank you having seen their own image, he also remembered me as I stood in line to thank him.

Take A Moment 2022

Like many people that evening, I wanted to thank him and give him a hug. Not only from me, but also for all those who couldn’t be there.

Taking a moment to ourselves is as important as drinking that glass of water to rehydrate. It should be part of our daily routine.

Art of London PRESENTS Take A Moment 2022 Final Screening

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