Thames Rockets have upped the game on your average sightseeing tour of London with their Thames Rockets Experience in a rib, just add thrilling to the word sightseeing.  The need for speed is synonymous with Top Gun. In the 80’s we all secretly wanted a Maverick in our lives, and I’m a believer that this is a tiny bit of the story behind these guys when they thought up this genius way of seeing London.

© LLW Thames Rockets

The day before our Thames Rockets experience, London had had a months rainfall in one day – this is August for goodness sake (fyi – those of us on a staycation are tearing our hair out). However, the sun came out for us and everyone was happy, beyond excited even! Thames Rockets boats leave from London’s most popular tourist attraction, the iconic London Eye. Between the City Cruises and Thames Rockets frankly there is no question which side of the quay is going off for more fun!

© LLW Thames Rockets

Music ON and off we went taking in London’s beautiful skyline with a brilliantly chosen playlist. I really wanted to get up and dance, but the rule was no standing and I think my children would have gone overboard in shame if I had! They need not have worried, there comes a point in the trip when Ginger Mike warns us again no standing and hold on as we crank it up a gear – OMG… No matter how many photos I wanted to take, I was holding on for dear life and loving it.  Maverick was behind us and having a really great time curving up the water. The kids loved it, more so when they thought I was heading out of the boat. As the music blasted out, the wind and sun blowing in our faces, it was pure happiness.

©LLW Thames Rockets

Once the boat heads back into Wapping, Ginger Mike comes back to the front of the boat and gives us the perfect short sharp London river history tour.  Fun filled facts on buildings, some bits I knew, some I didn’t (did you know the Ministry of Defence goes down 19 floors, well you do now…) but for the teens, they loved it all and enjoyed not only the speed, but London’s history.

© LLW Thames Rockets

The difference in the Thames Rockets tours to any other river tours is the fun factor.  Never has enthusiasm been so infectious. When I say we had a really great family day out, I’m not sure how I will ever be able to top it. It was the best day. Add this into a Day Out in Westminster and my goodness you will have seen the best of London.

© LLW Thames Rocket


She said: Exceeded my expectations of for the thrill factor. I loved every minute, even the fast bits.  I can’t wait to do it again with friends or even the children. The experience of sharing, made for a wonderful memory.

He said: Great fun, worth leaving work early darling !

Teens said : Best day out, when can we go again – preferably on a rainy day, can we bring a friend?

Finally… What are you waiting for? Make the call, and book the ride.  You wont regret it and please mention LLW when making your booking.

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