Look & Learn

There is so much culture to look & learn about in London.


These are culturally a brilliant source of information, as they are amusing on the topics chosen, and sometimes it just give you that quick culture fix that allows you to appreciate and enjoy the diversity of learning London has to offer.  The only problems with all these talks is that they are not so easy to find.  They can usually be found under learning on the museum’s main website


Most of the museums in London run a late show on the last Friday of the month, if not every Friday with music & talks. There are some exceptions, and they throw their doors open on Thursdays.  They are a great night out, whilst supporting the museums – what is there not to like?


Thursday Lunchtime Lectures. Every month you can feed your mind lecture for £3


Evening Talks. Check out the website or set your google alerts for their diverse offerings. Anything from Pink Floyd album design to Garden design, to Picturing Balenciaga. These range from £10 to £18.  Their lunchtime lectures however are free, but these are sporadic.


Navigating this website is so muddled with all the other Tate’s that finding a talk in London isn’t the easiest, but with every exhibition there are lectures that are well worth attending.

ART IN LONDON – Art humanises us…


Amanda runs Collectors courses annually, and takes you out on the streets on the first Friday of the month, starting September.  In all honesty, I signed up last year, and I have loved every visit. It is two hours on a Friday, and we’ve been all over London, meeting artists in their studios to a private guided tours at the Royal Academy, to understanding how to buy art.  I have loved seeing the art spectrum in a different way.  Amanda is young, fun and seriously knows her stuff.  Another course so worth signing up for. If you are visiting London and would like a bespoke one day art tour, do get in touch with us to arrange. emma@littlelondonwhispers.com


This is a brilliant option for those who don’t want the commitment of doing an art course, but want to know and appreciate what’s going on in London. Kate Gordon, who writes for London’s Evening Standard founded LAS in 2011, understanding the insatiable appetite people have for learning in a ‘fun and sociable format’. I’ve been to these talks, and they are fascinating & brilliant lead by lecturers in their respective fields. You come away with a new perspective on exhibitions, art, sculpture… Sign up to their newsletter and see what they have on, their recommendations, and their LAS loves… I love it all.


Our favourites are at the V&A. Their courses are obviously led in the creative side of life, but I have done London Life & Times: Medieval to Modern since September last year, exploring a thousand years of social cultural life of this great city and it’s been fascinating. There have been some outside visits, other’s have been organised by ourselves, but everyone on the course says it is the best one they have done by far.  How brilliant it that? See the new V&A courses available here


Katie is an encyclopaedia of knowledge about London, and she introduces you to parts of London that you think you know, but then there’s all the extra history that comes into it. Her tours last anything from an hour to 90mins, and the time passes so quickly, you are almost disappointed at the end. The other thing about her tours which we love is that they are small. No more than 10 people at a time. Bespoke tours can be arranged email us