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  • © LLW 31st State

    Man up June

    23rd June 2018

    Did you know that June is International Man’s month, along with Father’s Day, it seems that June is indeed all about the men. So man up; let me share with you a new skincare brand for young men called 31st State.

  • Army in London

    Proud to be British

    1st June 2018

    At LLW we are not ashamed to say that we are so proud to be British. We get totally caught up in British pageantry, anything with HM showing up gets us going! It’s all those men in uniform making such

  • © London Craft Week

    London Craft Week 2018

    10th May 2018

    London Craft Week is in full swing, with so many events, I can hardly keep up with them all.  This is fantastic if you are creative, and need inspiration – the choice on offer is wide open.  After my morning

  • © LLW Sense of Space

    Senses in a Sense of Space

    11th April 2018

    What are our key senses? Obviously light, sound, smell, taste & touch. At Broadgate in the heart of London, you can discover a few of these to take you into sensory overload.  Sense of Space is the new pop up

  • © LLW in Marrakech

    When in Marrakech

    19th March 2018

    Escaping London for a short city break can be ridiculously rewarding. Five days in Marrakech for some sunshine and blue sky was a very good call. My brilliant trusted bespoke travel agent Mr B loves to travel hop. Something I’ve

  • © LLW in Marrakech

    Hidden gems of Marrakech

    On my recent trip to Marrakech, the vibrant colours, made me think about what we consider to be a gem? The definition of gem is a jewel, but it is also an outstanding person, thing or place. I can safely