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  • © LLW Bloomsbury Tea

    A Bloomsbury Tea

    13th January 2018

    Located on the doorstep of Bloomsbury, an area of genteel elegance and garden squares. An area at the heart of which a highly creative group of intellectuals, writers and artists, known as The Bloomsbury Group would collectively meet. I was

  • © LLW Christmas Trees

    Christmas Trees in London

    23rd December 2017

    Christmas trees are giving London an extra bit of sparkle this year. London has pulled out all the stops to look even more fantastic than usual. I thought it might be fun to share with you our Super 7 favourite

  • © LLW Gingerbread House

    Build a Gingerbread House

    15th December 2017

    Are you interested in channelling your inner creative skills before Christmas? I have found the perfect experience for you to get full brownie points with the family. Build your own Gingerbread House. Anyone can do it, all you really need

  • © LLW Anna Coroneo

    Anna Coroneo | Christmas Shopping

    12th November 2017

    Anna Coroneo is one of the most delightful women you could ever come across. This is totally reflected in all her joyful print designs. A few years ago I wrote about Anna, having discovered her at a pop-up in Elizabeth

  • © LLW Cassandra Goad

    Cassandra Goad | Onwards pendant

    7th November 2017

    I recently wrote about how important I think it is to be inspired. Personally, I get my inspiration from so many different sources. Museums, exhibitions, walking wherever and whenever I can. I also spend a ridiculous amount of hours on

  • © LLW Astley Clark

    Dominic Jones | Astley Clark

    17th October 2017

    Start any evening at the V&A listening to one of their many ‘In Conversations”, for me is A ok.  Last week it was with the extraordinary Dominic Jones. Dominic is the new Creative Director at Astley Clark, and genuinely I’m