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  • © LLW Sense of Space

    Senses in a Sense of Space

    11th April 2018

    What are our key senses? Obviously light, sound, smell, taste & touch. At Broadgate in the heart of London, you can discover a few of these to take you into sensory overload.  Sense of Space is the new pop up

  • © LLW in Marrakech

    When in Marrakech

    19th March 2018

    Escaping London for a short city break can be ridiculously rewarding. Five days in Marrakech for some sunshine and blue sky was a very good call. My brilliant trusted bespoke travel agent Mr B loves to travel hop. Something I’ve

  • © LLW in Marrakech

    Hidden gems of Marrakech

    On my recent trip to Marrakech, the vibrant colours, made me think about what we consider to be a gem? The definition of gem is a jewel, but it is also an outstanding person, thing or place. I can safely

  • © LLW Biscuiteers

    Send something special for Mother’s Day

    4th March 2018

    Personally, the joy of giving is far greater than the joy of receiving. Thank you gifts can be challenging, but sometimes isn’t that half the fun? Biscuiteers always seem to come up trumps for those special thank you’s. Mother’s Day

  • © LLW Chubby Hearts

    Love letters to London : Chubby Hearts

    15th February 2018

    Who could write the most beautiful love letter to London and then fill the city with chubby hearts? The answer is of course Anya Hindmarch. The woman who puts the fun factor into anything she creates, and a girl who

  • ©LLW snowdrops

    Spring Snowdrops

    31st January 2018

    Snowdrops herald the arrival of Spring. Have you seen them popping up in the parks, or if you are lucky, maybe in your garden?  This week in glorious cold sunshine, we took ourselves off around Chelsea Physic Garden. Heralding Spring