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  • Kit and Ace

    11th June 2017

    The art of dressing with comfort seems to depend these days on what gym kit you are wearing. Athleisurewear I think is the term. Frankly, summer is here, so get a life & get dressed after the gym with Kit and

  • Life of a London hat

    19th February 2017

    My love of a Penmayne hat has been documented here on LLW, but like this city the more I have discovered, the more I have fallen in love.  Is it the perfect brim width, the beautiful felt colour choices, or

  • Lettergate

    15th February 2017

    In a world of emails and text messages does anyone write anymore?  Is it acceptable to just send an electronic message when you’ve made the effort to buy a special gift, or after Christmas just not bother to thank anyone,

  • Work it Don’t Freeze it

    15th January 2017

    As a woman of a certain age, I could be into filling and freezing my face, but I’m not and whilst I don’t judge anyone that does, would it not be better to exercise your face instead? Let me introduce

  • Christmas Inspiration

    23rd November 2016

    Shopping in London can be exhausting, but some gifts are worth it. We have listed our Christmas edits below. By clicking on the photo we take you directly to the website, at the same time you are helping support Little London Whispers.

  • A little Grace goes a long way

    15th October 2016

    A nail bar is a nail bar you say, well yes it is, but how great would it be if it was so much more? Well, I’ve found it at London Grace in Putney. London Grace in Putney A whole