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  • © LLW Anna Coroneo

    Anna Coroneo | Christmas Shopping

    12th November 2017

    Anna Coroneo is one of the most delightful women you could ever come across. This is totally reflected in all her joyful print designs. A few years ago I wrote about Anna, having discovered her at a pop-up in Elizabeth

  • © LLW Cassandra Goad

    Cassandra Goad | Onwards pendant

    7th November 2017

    I recently wrote about how important I think it is to be inspired. Personally, I get my inspiration from so many different sources. Museums, exhibitions, walking wherever and whenever I can. I also spend a ridiculous amount of hours on

  • © LLW Astley Clark

    Dominic Jones | Astley Clark

    17th October 2017

    Start any evening at the V&A listening to one of their many ‘In Conversations”, for me is A ok.  Last week it was with the extraordinary Dominic Jones. Dominic is the new Creative Director at Astley Clark, and genuinely I’m

  • © LLW Girls who Crawl

    Girls Crawl for Maggie’s

    1st October 2017

    A post with a difference today. Not too many photos, but a story of what is it that inspires us to run or a walk for charity? We all have our different reasons. For me this weekend, it was Mr

  • © LLW Culture Walk

    Maggie’s Culture Walk

    19th September 2017

    Hello all you lovely walkers out there… Who can I persuade to join me on Friday 29 September to walk through London on  the Maggie’s Culture Walk? A 10 mile walk with me through London on Friday 29 September, and